The Incredible 3-D Art of Charles Fazzino

Multi-layered 3-D Serigraphs. 
Each piece is signed and numbered in a Limited Edition. 
Hand-cut, glued, glittered and assembled.  
No two pieces are alike.


This animated image of "My Heart Belongs To Broadway"
demonstrates the 3D layering and workmanship
that goes into every Fazzino serigraph.
Although the images you see in this gallery
cannot convey the detail of every piece,
the most we can do is inspire you to browse our gallery.





Born in 1955, Charles Fazzino is the son of a Finnish sculptor (Irene) and an Italian mode shoe designer (Salvatore). He took his first formal art class as a 7th grader in 1967 and had his first solo art exhibition at Pelham High School in 1968. He often accompanied his mother to the arts and crafts shows in which she exhibited and in 1971, he put up his own display at the Bedford Hills Outdoor Arts Show, the first time he exhibited for the general public.
He attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and graduated with his bachelor of arts in 1977. Today, his unique, three-dimensional fine art prints and originals are sold and exhibited in hundreds of galleries and museums in more than twenty different countries around the world. He has been commissioned to create artwork for high profile events such as The Super Bowl, The GRAMMY Awards, The Pori Jazz Festival, Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Daytime Emmy Awards, and more.
Sometimes referred to as a pop culture historian, Fazzino has stated on numerous occasions and in many ways that his intent as an artist is to create a body of work that reflects the highlights of popular culture back to his audience, reminding them of who they are, where they come from, and what moves them as human beings. He once wrote "...all of my art is a labor of love for all of you who have enjoyed my work for so long. When we're all gone and many years have passed, I hope that our descendants will look at one of my paintings and say 'that's a Fazzino. He was that artist who painted those zany pictures of what life was really like back then'" [1]

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A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

I'll See Ya' In Court

La Joie De Vie

Essence of Marilyn

I Dream of Hawaii

Looney Wood

Manhattans, Martinis and Moonlight

Euros, Dollars and Yen

The Characters You Meet

Uptown, Downtown and All Around the Town


3-D SERIGRAPHS (All Deluxe Editions)

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned40036" x 25"" Printed in 50 Colors
I'll Se Ya' In Court (Premier Edition)20022" X 28" Black
La Joie De Vie22517 1/2" x 12"  
Essence of Marilyn50016.5" X 11" Black
I Dream of Hawaii4004" X 9"  
Looney Wood20016" X 25" Printed 50 Colors
The Characters You Meet17517" x 15" Deluxe Edition, Framed
Manhattans, Martinis and Moonlight10012.5" x 23.75" Deluxe Edition, Framed
Uptown, Downtown and All Around the TownDeluxe17" x 27" Deluxe Edition, Framed
Euros, Dollars and Yen20012" x 9" Deluxe Edition, Framed

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