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All events held at our gallery at 4811 Excelsior Blvd., St, Louis Park, MN 55416 unless otherwise noted.


The Sculpture Garden is Now Open
The Lorax has moved to its new home in front of the gallery. 

     St. Louis Park Mayor Unveils World’s Smallest Sculpture Garden
      Jean Stephen Galleries and mayor Jeff Jacobs expand investment in St. Louis Park public art.

Previous Jean Stephen Galleries Exhibitions



October 1987             Grand Opening of
                                     The Conservatory

December 1987         Gallery Grand Opening

March 1988                 Khan Cong Le

June 1988                   Jiang Tie Feng

September 1988         Theo Tobiasse

February 1989            Tony Whelihan

February 1989            John Doyle

October 1989              Paul Granland

November, 1989          Tetsuro Sawada

April 1990                   Midwest Artists Against AIDS

August 1990                 Jiang Tie Feng

November 1990          Yuroz

April 1991                    Midwest Artists Against AIDS

October 1991              Yihang Pan

August 1992                Jiang Tie Feng

October 1993             Chagall Etchings

October 1994             Sculpture Show  

May 1995                   Jiang Tie Feng

June 1995                   Vladimir Borisov

October 1995             Local Artists Show

June 1996                   Frederick Hart and Von Koelnau

October 1996             Chinese Fisherfolk

December 1996         Von Koelnau

June 1997                   Larry Kirkwood

October 1997             Jennifer Markes

February 1998            Holly Evans

June 1998                   Antique French Posters

October 1998             Frederick Hart

July 1999                    Holly Evans

October 1999             Antique French Posters

July 2000                     Local Artists Show

October 2000              Antique French Posters

May 2001                     Rembrandt, Millennium Impressions

September 2001         Neda Miranda Blazevic

October 2001              Frederick Hart

February 2002             VSA Minnesota, 8 artists

September 2002          Rembrandt

November 2002           Dr Seuss

May 2003                     Olga Bonc

August 2003                Frederick Hart

October 2003              Photography Show featuring Annie Griffiths Belt

January 2004               Dr Seuss Historical Retrospective

July 2004                      Frederick Hart Monumental Sculpture  

April 2005                    Michael Parkes Reception & Show

June 2005                    Dr. Seuss

October 2005              Brian McMullen Reception & Show

December 2005         Dr. Seuss

June 2006                   Randy Cooper

August 2006               Dr. Seuss

October 2006             Frederick Hart Museum Show at the University of St Thomas

June 2007                    Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat Turns 50

September 2007        Frederick Hart Show at the University of Louisville (KY)

November 2007          Mackenzie Thorpe Reception and Exhibit at Groves Academy

December 2007          Dr Seuss - The Grinch Turns 50

September 2008         Dr Seuss For President Exhibition

September 2008        Leonardo Nierman

July 2009                     Dr Seuss Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture Garden

September 2009        Thom Bierdz

June 2010                    Dr Seuss Rare Editions Event

June 2011                    Dr Seuss is On the Loose - Minnesota Zoo Exhibit & Fundraiser

October 2011              Secrets of the Deep

March 2012                 Dr Seuss Scholarship Exhibition

May 2012                    Dr Seuss Rare Editions Show

June 2012                   Pamela Sukhum "Creating Beauty"

October 2013              Hats Off To Dr Seuss 

May 2014                    Sculpture Garden dedication

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