The Art of Josepha

Bronze Sculpture


Josepha was born in France to an Italian Mother and a French Father.  
In her work one can feel both the French and the Italian influence.
Josepha grew up in the South of France, close to the beautiful French countryside she 
lives and works in today. She was raised with a big family full of love, joy and exuberance.  
This is an approach to life which she has continued into her adult lifestyle and expresses in her  
beautifully joyful sculptures. 
Always living and seeing life as an artist, Josepha enjoyed a highly esteemed fifteen year career in fashion design and was well known throughout France for her exquisite and unique creations.
Many years ago, Josepha’s sculpting skills were cultivated by her husband, an acknowledged 
sculptor in his own right. Jean Francous and Josepha met when she was designing fashion 
and he was teaching university sculpture classes. Falling in love, they merged their lives, families and passion for artistic expression. The two artists live and work together in their beautiful villa in the South of France. 
Bringing together her expertise in fashion, wonderful imagination, amazing artistic skill, and joyful approach to life, Josepha turns each of her female characters into a model of awe inspiring exuberance, harmony and charm. 
Her beautiful women will speak of this eternal beauty for many generations to come. Josepha's sculptures are a breath of fresh air, reminding us of humor and tenderness in our everyday lives.
Josepha has been widely collected and exhibited throughout France and Europe.  She has had numerous one woman shows of her sculptures in galleries from Paris to the French Riviera. Her monumental sculptures have been shown in large scale public exhibitions and are in many public and private collections.  Currently, her work is being exhibited at the International Sculpture Center in Shanghai China where a piece will become part of the collection the Chinese National Sculpture Museum.
For the first time, Josepha is creating a special collection of bronze sculptures exclusively for the American market. She has cast this new collection in the U.S. under her supervision.  Starting in May of 2007 the joy and passionate elegance of Josepha sculptures will be available to enthusiastic U.S. collectors
Josepha’s sculptures are a festive observance, in three dimensions, of the beauty and sensuality of the female form. Enjoying a Josepha sculpture leaves one in awe of the incredible love given to the details and personalities of her creations. The evident enthusiasm, skills and spirit she brings to her art are unparalleled. Her sculptures are so feminine, sensual, enchanting and voluptuously charming, that we cannot help but yield to them.

France's most successful modern sculptor is now adorning a handful of the finest galleries in the U.S.  Below are her first offerings in the new U.S. collection


Please visit http://video.josepha.us for a short 3 minute video to introduce you to Josepha.  (Clicking on link will open a new window)




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La Petite



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