The Mel & Rose Smith Art Gallery
Sculpture, Mixed Media, Canvas and Paper Collage


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Works by Mel Smith

Kirkos.  To Touch the Gloomy Calm Within.  15 feet tall x 12 feet wide.  Painted welded steel.  Price on request.

Song of a Caged Bird.  23 feet tall x 15 feet
wide. Painted welded steel.  Price on request.

Perchance To Dream.  24 feet tall x 24 feet wide.  Painted welded steel. Price on request.

Descendents of Congo Square  17" x 13"  Paper Collage, 2008.  $5550.

Death at the Door  15.5" x 15.5"  Paper Collage, 2008.  $4500.

The Quiet After the Storm  11" x 17"  Paper Collage, 2008.  $5550.

Waiting For the Streetcar Named Desire  17" x 27"  Paper Collage, 2008.  $6950.

Katrina 18" x 32"  Paper Collage, 2008.  $6900.

Jitterbug Lessons  40" x 30"  Collage on Canvas, 2008.  $5000.

Can You Feel Me  40" x 30"  Collage on Canvas, 2008.  $5000.


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