Jennifer Markes Limited Edition Serigraphs



“No rules, no reasons.  Red house, green door, yellow windows, bucket of mangoes, white chicken, blue water…it’s color as a celebration of everyday life.  Color is the perpetual motion of my paintings.”
A Native of Los Angeles, Jennifer Markes studied painting in New Hampshire with John Hatch and received her BFA Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire.  Truly a citizen of the world, she has travelled extensively and her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, England, France, Haiti, French Polynesia, and Japan.
Markes has a unique ability to project her personality into each painting while beckoning the viewer to share her joy in nature and simplicity.  The subjects are accessible and they have an innate power which draws strength from the artist’s ability to express what it is to be human and alive.
Her palette is vibrant and inviting, her subject. . .Life.  “I’m very sensitive to color.  I definitely consider this a gift as it wasn’t something I learned to do.  It has a lot to do with not fearing the strength that color can be if you let it come out uninhibited or uncalculated.”
Jennifer Markes finds her greatest influence in the works of native and primitive artists of the Caribbean.
“With no education or training, the art of these people comes straight from the creative source.  Unpretentious, freely associated, so their canvases are raw to me, unlearned.  Very honest, most simple, innocent.”  As for success, “I’ve known all along that I wanted to be an artist.  This has always been the dream.  When somebody says to me, ‘Wow!  When I look at your paintings, that’s where I want to be, the way I want to feel!’, then I’ve succeeded.  This is what it’s all about.  This is success as an artist.”


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Above Aegean

Breakfast in Tripoli

Little Boy with Neon Fish

Room with a View


Starfish & Moonlight


Island Beckon

Pomegranate Cove

Sweet Peeled Pineapple

Two Chairs

The Beach Merchant

River's Edge

Maui Cliff Weaver

Island Girl

Joe's by the Sea

Lotus Cafe

Cottage Off Tupelo Court

Jade Cove

Shade 38" x 26", a limited
edition giclee printed with equipoise inks on canvas, numbered and signed by the artist.
$1200 Photo
Above Aegean 27 1/2" x 38", a limited
edition giclee printed with equipoise inks on canvas, numbered and signed by the artist.
$1200 Photo
Resting Spot $1500
Breakfast In Tripoli $1500 Photo
Dieu Si Bon $4000
Someday $2800
Coconut Bay $4000
Little Boy With Neon Fish $4000 Photo
Room With a View $1600 Photo
Mediterraneo $3300 Photo
Starfish and Moonlight $1500 Photo
Prelude $1500 Photo
Resting Spot $1500
Island Beckon $1500 Photo
Hampton Breeze $1500
Pomegranante Cove $3500 Photo
Canvas and Easel $1600
Jacmel Morning $4000
Shoreside at Sunset $3600
Tropical Harvest $4000
Echo Lagoon $3600
Edge of Town $3600
Sweet Peeled Pineapple $4000 Photo
Farewell To Jeremie $3600
Ici Oui $1600
Summertime $3300
When Morning Breaks Dawn $4000 Photo
Above St. Marc $3600
Before the Storm $1500
Island Bouquet $1400
La Falaise $1500
Two Chairs $3500 Photo
Endless Summer $3500 Photo
The Beach Merchant $1500 Photo
Rivers Edge $2000 Photo
La Lune De Miel $1600
Maui Cliff Weaver $3600 Photo
Les Bateaux $1600
Island Girl $1500 Photo
Joe's By the Sea $1200 Photo
Weekend in New England $3500
Lotus Cafe $3600 Photo
Cottage Off Tupelo Court $1600 Photo
Jade Cove $1500 Photo

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